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It's the cute little things...

Welcome to our little world.

Cute Little Things is all about the cute things that bring a smile on our faces. It’s all about bringing a new dimension to the lingerie world today. Clts is our creative minds put in different forms – clothes, accessories & goodies.
Cute Little Things is the cutest nightwear brand of India. Born from a blog, it has come a long way. It brings a never seen before design collection in the women’s nightwear segment in India. It’s an initiative to fill your life with loads of fun. A brand with life in it; young, fresh and energetic.

Don’t wear your old clothes to bed!!

People in India are growing way too conscious about their fashion and styling in today’s era, so why not bring them to our bedrooms. Feel good factor & style is what we provide. We want people to pamper
themselves. It’s called the Clts experience.
We want to change the way people think of nightwear in India. “Don’t Wear your old clothes to bed” & get new fashionable bedroom labels. We hope you like our products with the same passion with which we create them.
Clts is all about creating a WOW factor and bringing a genuine smile on your face. It is about a new wave of creativity and innovation in this commercial world.

“Always wear cute pyjamas to bed, you’ll never know who you will meet in your dreams.”- Joel Madden